the soul train


Mr. Bacciagalupe greeted his new arrival at the entrance: “How do you do, Mrs. Schwartz? Welcome to Daisy Hill Station. Some of these cars go to Heaven by way of Purgatory. Not many people are on them. Even fewer are on the cars that go directly to Heaven. Alas, we have so many on the train to Hell. No one knows who gets onto which car. Each passenger makes his own decision.

Mrs. Schwartz didn’t know what to think of this odd fellow. Eventually she boarded one of the next few cars that arrived. No one noticed which one.



  1. Well, this throws the whole idea of the afterlife into confusion. To be able to choose which place to go to is an interesting idea. Not sure how well it would work, mind. It definitely made for an amusing story, though. 🙂


  2. Thanks .It’s based on something I recently read in a Catholic magazine that dealt with conjectures about how many people, throughout the course of mankind’s existence, may have gotten into heaven and how it should never be taken for granted that it’s so easy.


  3. Thought provoking. I read it two ways: 1) we make a choice in life that leads us to the final destination, choices that no one sees 2) Irrespective of what choices we make there many be nothing like Heaven/Hell… Enjoyed this piece and the reflection it provoked!


  4. Doesn’t Terry Pratchett’s Death let people go where they believe they’ll go? Vikings to Valhalla etc
    My own father has by this logic dispersed into the wider universe (as will I some day) – if he did make it to heaven his soul would implode anyway with the sheer illogicality of the notion, ie same result. My, it must be past my bedtime!
    Anyway what I meant to say was I love your choice of cars and that it’s secret. And that title is brilliant.


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