johnny appleseed


“Harvey,” asked Shirley, “Have you ever read about Johnny Appleseed?”

“What makes you think of him?” wondered her befuddled husband.

“Today’s Johnny Appleseed Day,” she explained. “Jonathan Chapman was a famous pioneer nurseryman, Swedenborgian missionary and friend to the Indians. Unfortunately he had a lot of weird ideas. He had views that PETA would like, and was, as an adult, supposedly engaged to a ten year old girl.”

“What’s the good news then?” her spouse couldn’t understand.

“He’s quite a prominent figure in the annals of early American agriculture,” she pointed out. “You should learn more about him.”

18 thoughts on “johnny appleseed

  1. storydivamg says:

    Well, he may have been friends with people from India, but he did a lot of harm to Native Americans (and I’ve not heard of his friendships with the folks from the East). Not much good to like in Johnny Appleseed, but I suppose folks will continue talking about him because he had some adventures that they envy. Horrid to learn about the engagement to a child! I like him even less now.

    Still, thanks for the timely story. It’s a shame people so scandalous have days unto themselves, but one must come up with reasons to celebrate, mustn’t one?

    All my best,


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