life without grown ups


Each day ten year old Mildred Fleener sat on her porch reading her favorite comic strip, Charles Schulz’ “Peanuts”. She never could get over how its characters were all grammar school kids, with no grown ups to watch over them. In her neighborhood, in her life in general, all was so happy and pretty.

“We have grown ups to thank for that,” she thought. “Sometimes they’re weird but I’d be a-scared of life without them.”

Life in Daisy Hill, her hometown, was nothing like the strangely messed up environment she noticed in the “Peanuts” strip. Still she quite enjoyed the cartoon.



    1. Lucy was evil. I see the “Peanuts” cartoon as having lots of good insights into human nature. It’s also quite seriously weird & sad though, once you’ve really done a lot of looking into it. I’ve been plum terrified of red hair ever since I was really little so Charlie Brown is quite a character in that respect for me


  1. Who didn’t and doesn’t like Peanuts, Larry. My daughter played Snoopy in the first high school play she was in, You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown. Well done in writing the child’s thoughts. 🙂 — Suzanne


    1. Thanks Suzanne. “Peanuts” works quite well on a scary adult level too. Unlike “The Lord of the Flies” the kids in Charlie Brown’s adult.less world are well.behaved, but they’re still all kinds of sad & dysfunctional. It’s a world of endless disappointment frustration(Charlie Brown’s failures with sports & the little red.haired girl), evil & meanness(Lucy tempts him with the football & never lets him kick it). I could go on endlessly about all the weird things in it


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