feed your head. feed your head.


Twelve year old Alice Pleasance Liddell made quite a point of daily visiting her favorite garden. One sunny Saturday afternoon, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, local scholar and friend of her family, happened to have noticed her. He bade her go farther into the maze than she’d ever before presumed to attempt.

“You see, young friend,”-Alice was twenty years his junior-the gentleman exclaimed, “There are all manner of delightful surprises to be found in there.”

Naturally she expected merely to find merely a more colorful variety of flora and fauna. She was quite taken aback at what was in store for her.



    1. I only meant the garden as a route to Wonderland. The looking glass must have been somehow out of bounds. Gardens are traditionally depicted as being or leading to interesting worlds anyway. The facts of their relationship, though, give it an awfully tacky twist


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