the joker and the thief


The Joker and the Thief had had enough by the end of their journey.

“Up there ahead,” cried the Joker. “There’s a castle. If we can avoid distracting the wild cat in the distance, we’ll be safe.”

So far the impending storm had not shown any signs of getting worse. They were planning on escaping to the kingdom they’d always heard of.

“Life is much more than a joke, old friend,” replied the thief. “We’ve got to do the right thing by our new home.

In the howling wind, their Bible flew open to the book of Isaiah, Chapter 21, verses 5-9.



      1. Yesterday was the anniversary of Dylan’s/Hendrix’ “All Along the Watchtower”. I saw something about it & took advantage. I make lots of references to Christianity in things I write, so it’s in there somewhere. When I looked the song up, there were allusions to that book from the Old Testament, besides literary antecedents


    1. Nan, It’s based on the Dylan( Hendrix remake) oldie “All Along the Watchtower”. When I looked up how he got the idea from it, my sources said He was inspired by that passage from the Old Testament~ Larry


  1. “Babylon’s images lie shattered on the ground.” Life is a serious thing. You better believe it’s not a joke. I’m not familiar with the song. Let’s hope we all reach the kingdom. Well done, Larry. — Suzanne


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