sad memory


“That bridge brings back such terrifying memories,” sighed the haggard schoolmarm. “It was the third of June, so very long ago, when my heart was forever broken.”

“Folks ‘roun’ here’bouts feel sorry fer the poor soul,” said Pearlie Mae. “It’s good that Preacher Taylor an’ Becky Thompson are willin’ to keep in touch with her. They’s all she has. The Tallahatchie Bridge was recently destroyed by one of Carroll County’s biggest storms. Ever’body knows what happened to her feller and her young’un. Choctaw Ridge has shonuf changed since them days. Please pass the biscuits, Uncle Ernest T.”


  1. Dear Larry,

    Now I’ll have that song running through my head. As soon as I read 3rd of June I was there. So it’s another sleepy, dusty delta day. Clever sequel. There’s five more acres in the lower forty I gotta I be signing off.

    Shalom y’all,



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