my new horse friend

One would think that life would have to be fair. That’s quite rare though. Life tends to play games in a bad way, or at least in an odd way. I don’t know why.  A blue horse knocked on my front door last night. It gave me a plate of eggs and fried rice, and some red wine.  We had a few nice laughs.  We ate the rice and eggs, and drank the wine. It asked me if I knew how to dance. Of course I said “no”.  With all the rain, fog and wind we got last night, it was so nice of the horse  to show up. Most of the time a horse will not go out on such a bad night.  I don’t know why a horse in its right mind would want to hang out with me though. That’s such an odd thing for a horse to do. A cow or a pig might like me, but not a horse. He stayed for a while, at least a few hours. We sang “Love’s Old Sweet Song”, told bad jokes and read poems in blank verse.


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