that was yesterday, and yesterday’s gone


Phino’s computer broke down, so he decided to spend Saturday at the library. Unfortunately he found out that today’s libraries aren’t like those of his youth. Yesterday’s mandatory peace and quiet has been supplanted by today’s mandatory loud talking, especially on cell phones. Children were running around, entirely undisciplined.

“Excuse me!” he exclaimed to the librarian. “Could you please get something done about all the abusive noise?”

She looked at him as if he were the ignoramus.

“I beg your pardon, sir!” she screamed. I should suppose if it were up to you, others would have no rights?”



  1. Suburban trains in Sydney have designated ‘silent carriages’, where phone calls aren’t allowed, and passengers are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Maybe this is the last bastion of silence. Who would have thought it? Alternatively, you could hang out with a group of teenagers who are all busy texting each other rather than talking. Your story hits a nerve with me too. Well said.


    1. Thanks Margaret. The problem with that is that EVERYPLACE! has a sign up that forbids phones but no one bothers to show enough self.respect/respect for others to obey. The only exception I”ve seen is Lincoln Center in Manhattan.


    1. Thanks Doug though I fully expect lots of people to be plum furious with me for having the unmitigated GALL to begrudge them their supposed Right to phones. I’m sick & tired of everyone’s constantly trying to manipulate people by referring to everything they want as a Right these days~ Larry


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