muriel and gloria


Muriel and Gloria went out for a walk Friday night, as had been their wont for the past fifteen years. Muriel, ordinarily such a happy sort, complained that she simply hadn’t been in such an agreeable frame of mind lately.

“England’s such a fun place though,” said Gloria with a smile.

“Get a load of that,” she said. “Even the Michelin Man’s defying you to have a good time with those tires.

“Oh grow up!” cried Muriel.

“I’m hardly the type to party with car parts!”

“That’s what sets you apart from the rest of us,” complained Gloria.

4 thoughts on “muriel and gloria

  1. sustainabilitea says:

    Larry, I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of partying with car parts. 🙂 I love “as has been their wont.” Don’t hear that much outside of books. You have a couple of mixed tenses in that opening paragraph: “as has been their wont” and “she simply hasn’t been.” Everything else is in the past tense, so if you used “had” and “hadn’t”, it would all be of a piece.



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