you’ve got your troubles .i’ve got mine

I don’t know whether there’s any one specific individual who can be described as the most different from me. The main thing that makes it possible for me to get along at least reasonably well with most of the people who are drastically different from me is, as far as I know, the fact that we’re not that pushy. I try to avoid any unnecessarily volatile arguments with anyone I see in person regularly. That’s one of the really good things about the internet.  It’s a good way for someone to express his opinions in a free and uncontrolled way, without having to deal with anyone’s emotions, unlike an in-person confrontation. I have lots of ideas that are quite controversial these days. I have to deal with a large number of people who, because of their drastically liberal ideas, are quite significantly different from me. I’m most certainly not the kind of character who can be described as the least bit willing even to think of accepting their points of view. By now I’ve learned to hold my tongue politely and to avoid an aggressive approach to things. Those things can lead to a lot more trouble than the mere fact that, in a world of sports fans, I’m one of the few people who don’t like sports.


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