to deal with boredom

Everyone, over the course of his lifetime, simply has to figure out how to deal with boredom. Life for me can be so quiet and ordinary at times. During the course of those kinds of times I often read even more than I usually do anyway. If I happen to be feeling truly brave I may even presume to attempt to re-read something as difficult as  “Dark Night of the Soul” by St. John of the Cross.  I really have to make sure I become as familiar as possible with all kinds of Carmelite reading material anyway. Since weight, these days, hasn’t presented me with any kind of a problem lately I can also feel quite free to go over to the refrigerator and to get something fattening to eat. Alas, that’s quite a very bad habit to indulge in inordinately, but at least it helps to keep my mind occupied for a while. Noise has quite a tendency to annoy me such a lot. If a baby starts crying continuously in the distance, or some other unwelcome sound persists, that can truly spoil my ability to concentrate, and will always leave me quite frustrated and restless. Conveniently I don’t usually get bored anyway but I at least have done quite a reasonably good job of learning to handle it.

2 thoughts on “to deal with boredom

  1. ngobesingromanus says:

    A good post. Have you tried reading something inspiring during moments of boredom? With many blogs now inspiring and motivating people they can be a good idea at such moments. Hope to read from you again soon.


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