good grief!

I have always thought that if I were ever to choose a Halloween costume that would be the definitive representation of the real me, although I am only one guy, it would absolutely have to be one that represented the entire gang from the Charles M. Schulz comic strip “Peanuts”. Like Charlie Brown, the little round-headed kid, I always seem to be prone toward misfortune.  Each of us seems to have quite a flair for finding life’s booby traps the hard way. A main difference between him and me is that although he is perpetually smitten with the little red-haired girl I have always been terrified of her.  The Linus in me tends to be exceptionally introspective, always taking a significantly intellectually inclined approach to things. I always hang onto whatever security blanket is conveniently available too.  Everyone knows about my affinity with Schroeder. The main distincgreat.pumpkintion between him and me is that while his main obsession is classical music, mainly Ludwig van Beethoven, I have always been equally insatiably consumed with the lives and times of the Beatles, and all the music, and circumstances in general, of the 1960’s. My sloppy disheveled side is represented by Pig Pen. To my chagrin I tend to be quite disorganized in certain ways.

I’m a cupcake girl: Full of whimsy, efficiency and style

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