mrs. brown you’ve got a lovely daughter

still-life-with-dougJim and Mike, sophomores at St. John the Baptist High School, were hanging out at the gift shop of Good Samaritan Hospital, right next door, one afternoon.

“Wow, isn’t that Linda Brown, the prettiest girl in school?!” Jim gasped.

“Five feet, four inches tall, black hair, gigantic blue eyes, and what a sweetheart!” Mike stammered.

The salesman behind the counter wanted to chase them away but seeing how lovely the source of their distraction was, he understood, so he humored them.

“Get a load of that,” Jim mumbled. “She’s so enchanting she’s made the numbers on that clock fall down.”



  1. Dear Larry,

    My bed friend, Greg Brown’s mom gave birth to little Susie Brown when we were about eleven years old. We serenaded her at the hospital with the title to your story. Wonderful concoction.




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