yeah yeah yeah

John Winston (later Ono) Lennon only lived from October 9, 1940 until December 8,1980. He was a founding member of the Beatles. He’s always been quite a favorite of mine even though we’re poles apart. Ever since I was little I’ve always listened to the Beatles and to all of Lennon’s solo songs. Today would have been his seventy fourth birthday. It’s kind of odd that I’ve always been so favorably impressed by all his antics because, as people have always reminded me, he was such an extreme liberal and I’ve always been such an equally radical conservative.  I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed his music, story telling, and obnoxious antics though. Unfortunately the Beatles broke up in April of 1970 so I’m entirely too young to be able to remember them from the days when they were still together. Like most people my age, though, I’m quite an enthusiastic better-late-than-never fan. It’s too bad that there’s never again going to be anyone who can possibly be that talented or interesting.beatleLet’s all kick back for a while and have a good time listening to his songs and reminiscing about all his behavior.  I’ve always enjoyed his Beatle music, especially the early years, better than his solo music but it’s all very good. It’s too bad we can’t have him around anymore.


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