tall guys

One of the first things that struck me as significant after I’d been in Long Beach for a while is the unusually large number of exceptionally tall men here. Since I, unfortunately, don’t happen to be one of them, it’s always gotten on my nerves. The women’s height doesn’t seem to be the least bit distinctive but there are so many very tall men. Maybe it’s only my imagination but I seem to see them everywhere.  A major advantage of life around here is that no matter where one may go, he’s always within only a mile from the nearest beach. One of the major disadvantages is that we’re so close to Kennedy Airport that there’s a disgustingly large amount of time in each day during which the incessant sound of jets flying overhead can be heard.  I’ve always despised noise so it gets me crazy.  I had that problem in Wyoming too, having lived right down the street from a small airport, and close to the Scranton Wilkes Barre Airport. The disproportionate number of oversized men is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage. It’s just a really odd quirk.  I know that they’re not all originally from here so you can’t really say that there’s necessarily anything in the local environment that contributes to their height.  It’s just quite a lopsided coincidence.










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