brevity is the soul of wit

Ever since I’ve been reading and writing blogs, especially since I’ve been writing regular blog entries on WordPress, I’ve been noticing that my entries always tend to be quite significantly shorter than those of so many other people. I happen to think that’s an exceptionally good thing, assuming I can write well. It’s very important for one to make his point as succinctly as possible.  Unfortunately when I talk, unless I’m extremely careful, I always tend to be quite long winded.  Conveniently I can tell by the way someone reacts to things I say that he’s not happy with my going overboard in my speech. When that happens I can conveniently take advantage of whatever unfavorable body language I notice and try to keep things short from then on.  The best thing about writing is that a writer has the luxury of being capable of streamlining and proofreading in advance. In normal everyday speech, though, all the sloppiness and excess is there for everyone to notice. Because of my penchant for brief blog entries, I’ve even deliberately tried to lengthen them a bit, but it’s very difficult for me to come up with a lot to say in any one blog.

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