the fensterblau dilemma

Mabel went away for the weekend. Ralph was used to these occasional excursions of hers. She was in the habit of  visiting her family and friends for a few days at a time. He got up very early on Saturday morning, hoping to relax and to take advantage of all the welcome peace and quiet for a while. At around 8:00 a.m., however, there was quite an ominous knock upon his front door.

                                                       “Good morning, Mr. Fensterblau,” said the tall, ominous looking stranger.

Ralph didn’t know what to think. The anonymous man walked into the Fensterblau house without an invitation.  He proceeded to demand that Ralph sit down, and that he, without question or comment, obey all instructions.  All the doors of the house spontaneously locked.

“Mr. Fensterblau,” his visitor proceeded to explain, “I should like to talk with you for a few moments, please, my good man. My associates and I have been keeping very close track of you.”

Ralph, eager to put a stop to all the trouble, attempted to call the local policemen. When he went to call for help, he found that none of the phones was working. Understandably he was starting to get exceptionally anxious and frustrated.

“Mr. Fensterblau,” the stranger went on, “I shall have, unfortunately, to take you away with me permanently. I cannot, however, explain to you the exact circumstances that make your abduction unavoidably mandatory. Pack up your things at once and follow me very quietly please. I assure you it’s quite futile even so much as to try to disobey.”

When Mabel arrived home on Monday afternoon she was confronted by an ominously empty house.  Ralph never got a chance to clean up before he left. All was left carelessly thrown around in disarray. None of the neighbors could account for his whereabouts.  She spent the next few months trying to explain to their local police precinct, and Ralph’s workplace, the Acme Corporation, about all the trouble.

Write Now Prompt for September 19, 2014

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