ralph’s nightmare


“I’m having that dream again,” Ralph thought, “the one where I’m wandering so aimlessly.”

He could never figure out where he even was, whether it was Purgatory or maybe even Hell. All he knew was that whenever he had that dream he was always so bitterly inconsolably sad. By now he was accustomed to it-the bleak lonely terrain, the sense of helplessness and loss. Lately he’d been having the dream so frequently. At the same time his wife Mabel was making funeral arrangements with the undertaker.

“I’m so sick and tired of it all!” Ralph gasped.

9 thoughts on “ralph’s nightmare

  1. patriciaruthsusausan says:

    Larry, Looks like this could be a warning from his subconscious. His wife is probably just one of those who wants to be prepared. Some people don’t like to think about death, but it’s necessary to be prepared. I know from experience that it’s tough to have to make all those preparations for a deceased loved one when they haven’t made any. I had to do everything by myself the day after my dad died. My mother was ill and my husband didn’t know how it was done in the U.S. Well written. —Susan


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