garmin nuvi troubles in my 2001 saturn

A few weeks ago I found my Garmin Nuvi G.P.S., after not having bothered with it for quite a significant length of time. I needed a new charger for it so I went to the Radio Shack on Park Avenue and got one. When I plugged it into my car’s lighter it wouldn’t work.  I then got Mary Anne and Steve to plug it into their cars. It worked for them both. The salesman in the store tried it on his charger and it worked for him. For some strange reason I can’t get it to work in only my car. Everyone assumed the car needed a new fuse. Steve changed it. It still doesn’t work.  The company sent me a free USB charger when I complained to them. I’ve been using it to keep the G.P.S. charged. No one has any idea why it won’t work in my car, especially since the fuse has already been changed. It’s really been bothering me quite a lot because it’s always been such an exceptionally good G.P.S. In general I’ve been quite happy with it. The car is really good too. The charger just won’t work in that car though. It truly grates upon my nerves that the obvious solution to the problem doesn’t work in this specific case.


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