92 saturn sc

I haven’t noticed any person like properties in any of the machines I now own, though my computer can be as temperamental as anyone.  Since I’ve only recently started driving my father’s 2001 dark blue Saturn it’s still kind of hard to tell.  I still technically own my 1992 blue-green Saturn SC even though it’s entirely out of commission. In its day it was quite the distinctive character.  It was an exceptionally nice sports car and had a sleek appearance.  Perhaps it’s because I kept it for long that my imagination started playing tricks on me, but it was like an old reliable friend for me. I first got it in January of 1996 and went everywhere with it. It started falling apart around five years ago though. Over the years it became a perfect trademark for me and people always associated me with that car. It was so quiet and subtle, exactly the way I’d really like people to be.  I spent so much time driving it back and forth to work, school, my Knights of Columbus council and everyplace else I wanted to go.  Often I’d just hang around in the car, in parking lots, reading and thinking. Since I’m so compulsively punctual I spend a lot of time waiting for things to get started, after I’ve arrived somewhere.  All throughout the time I drove this car I spent countless hours sitting in it, merely hanging around and keeping busy.  During its last few years unfortunately it got quite seriously nasty. There was a leak in one of the windows and the thermostat didn’t work anymore. Over the course of its heyday, though, my car got me through absolutely everything whatsoever.  Maybe more in a passive way than actively, perhaps more in my imagination than in reality, my Saturn SC, took on a life of its own.






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