baby you can hear my blog

Of course it would be quite difficult for me to pick the perfect voice to narrate my blog’s posts.  I should suppose that considering how I’ve always so very much liked the sounds of the Beatles’ voices, both separately and together, perhaps I should choose either Paul McCartney or Ringo Starr to perform this most ominous and foreboding task for me. It would be so very interesting for me to hear the voice of one of the Fab Four relate all my ideas and adventures to the public. A nice Liverpudlian scouse accent would do my writing style quite a world of good as far as I can see. Ever since I was little I’ve always wadownload (1)nted to have some kind of connection to my favorite band.  There would be no other way for me to get involved with them since I can’t sing and I’m not a good enough musician. I make so many references, in my entries, to them and their adventures, musical and otherwise anyway. Everyone would be so shocked if I could get one of them to help me, but no one could possibly be the least bit surprised at my having tried.


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