that’s why they call me hand me down larry

Over the years, ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been surrounded by second hand things. As a kid I always wore clothes that were originally worn by my older cousins Larry and Gary from Ozone Park.  Now I drive my father’s car, and often wear my mother’s watch. Because it’s been going back for as long as I can remember I don’t even bother to think twice about it. Even in general my world has always been quite significantly characterized by the derivative. I tell other people’s jokes and stories, listen to second hand music and otherwise wallow absolutely constantly in the borrowed and left over. Perhaps I can even be characterized as the Linda Ronstadt of life in general. No one is even capable of being very original anyway. Each of us takes great phony pride in what he seems to consider some kind of ex nihilo creativity.  Everything is inevitably derivative in one way or another anyway though. I honestly don’t happen to think it’s even the least bit bad. I obviously wasn’t around during the 1960’s but I borrow quite shamelessly from that era. As long as I can continue to be happy as a throwback I shall continue to make the best of all sorts of borrowed things, circumstances and ideas.


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