albert misses clara


Albert wandered into the bathroom one morning to get ready for work.

“Clara?” he called out from force of habit.

He got no answer. She was away visiting her parents. Now he could at last have some free time to think. The silence was deafening though. The long-married man both enjoyed the break from routine and missed her company.

“Life is filled with confusion like that,” he thought out loud.

He proceeded to shave and to brush his teeth, eagerly awaiting his coffee and the Daily News. More importantly, he was eager to call her that afternoon.



  1. The bit about both missing her and enjoying his time alone rings very true, at least for me. I feel the same way when I’m either home by myself or on a trip without Bill. I think the contrasts make life a bit more interesting and help us to appreciate the other person more.



  2. Dear Larry, Good and sentimental story full of longing but also enjoying being separated for the few days. You really did a good job! Albert and Clara, I’m sorry to say, didn’t ring a bell in my head – but hey, there’s bats up there. Nan 🙂


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