labor pains

There are several job descriptions that would drive me out of my mind. I can’t possibly do anything that involves heavy lifting or heights since I’ve always been irremediably incapable of dealing with things like that. Perhaps if I were ever forced to pick one job that would be absolutely irrevocably forbidden to me, no matter what, it would have to be anything involving a telephone. Although I can understand that it’s always unavoidably mandatory to spend at least a little time on the phone over the course of any job, or any other circumstances whatsoever, if I were ever to get a job that required me to spend a significant amount of time anywhere near a phone, I should surely go entirely out of my mind. For as far back as I can remember I’ve never been able to stand anything about this most horrible of things.  I can’t stand the sound of one when it’s ringing. I can’t stand to be anywhere near anyone who’s talking on one. Whenever I’m forced to talk on the phone I always cringe with extreme impatience and anxiety14878434187_529072274b_o, hoping to get it over with as soon as possible. To have to spend forty hours each week of my life dealing with something like that would be pure and merciless torture.

The Go-To Guy



2 thoughts on “labor pains

  1. grieflessons says:

    Larry, I, too, hate talking on the telephone. It seems so intrusive. At least with email and Skype you can choose when to talk to people. I do not understand this world love affair with cell phones. I have one i carry only when traveling long distances by car–for emergencies. Only one or two people even know the number and I’ll go a year without carrying it. I like to be where I am and with the people I’m with without interference from everyone else I’ve ever known in my life. So, here’s a round of applause for your essay. Judy


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