mr. right

Everyone who knows me even only slightly knows quite well that I have always been quite passionately conservative.   Liberalism always comes down on the wrong side of every question.   Leftists promote things like abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, excessive personal freedom, the omnipotent state, reverse discrimination and everything else that works to the inevitable detriment of mankind’s well being.    Because of their intrinsically atheistic materialistic understanding of life they condemn formal and final causality.    They prefer a world of freedom of indifference over one of freedom for excellence.   Much of the problem is that they flatly refuse to accept a “no” for an answer.      They’ve given entirely too much credibility to a very small elite.    College professors and celebrities, among other self-proclaimed guardians of the public good, are constantly making pronouncements about how they have presumed to decide we are to eat, to speak, to dress and to behave in general.      The media are absolutely saturated with liberal influence.   Because they also have so much control of the educational world, their influence is incessantly coming through by way of both narrative and didactic means.     One of the things I’ve always noticed over the years is that when liberals are on the outside looking in, from a counter-cultural point of view, they advocate a strict ban on any kind of censorship whatsoever and brag about how defiantly offensive they are.   Now, however, that they are the dominant culture, they equally relentlessly condemn and censor anything that strikes their favorite demographic groups as even the least bit offensive.     Liberals have done all they possibly can to turn us into a polarized society of supposed victims and aggressors.    Of course they can’t stand it when I defiantly inform them that I don’t consider racism, anti Semitism and other kinds of discrimination the least bit of a problem.     It’s gotten so far out of control over the course of the past few years that they’ve even given bullying (a problem that only exists among kids in school) the status of a form of discrimination.   What can possibly beat that for stupid as it gets?!    I decided quite a while ago to be a strict orthodox Catholic.    Because of that I started getting exceptionally concerned with all the cultural movements that were transpiring around me.    The Church, as everyone knows, is always public enemy number one when the secularist point of view prevails.    I honestly think I do quite an exceptionally good job of not going overboard in my criticism of liberals.   It’s very important to keep things as entirely objective as possible and to avoid entirely any ad hominem attacks   Since, to my chagrin, I’ve always been quite seriously accursed with such a nasty temper I really have to watch my step in order to make sure I don’t do too much foaming at the mouth when things get intense.    I understand quite well that this post will infuriate very many people.    I also understand, though, that that’s primarily because I’m tampering with quite a very seriously lucrative gravy train.     That much power, especially because it’s been so deeply entrenched for so very long, will not be relinquished the least bit easily.



  1. Well said. Although we don’t see eye to eye on many issues (I am strongly protective of the black race -although I’m not black myself- so racism is definitely big with me especially that there’s too much of it in the United States and elsewhere), my being a former Catholic (I still am in my heart but I’ve left the modernized Vatican II Church -to me, it’s NOT Catholic) makes me see your point in many things. I have also established my own religion – a no-no and a blasphemy in the Catholic Church but’s that’s how life goes. You have explained your sentiments and philosophy well.


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