my new tunnel could take me to europe

If I could have  the ability to build a magical tunnel by way of which I could secretly travel, at will, to the location of my choice, I should really like to go to Europe.   I understand that all the liberals must think I’m so ignorant, racist, yada yada yada, because the Third World doesn’t interest me one bit, but I don’t care what they think.   That’s all part of the fun of things for me.    Europe has always struck me as being the source of all the very best of the world’s history, literature, theology, philosophy and art among other things.   As everyone knows, I’ve always been quite smitten with western culture, including all things European.    I could visit Spain, Italy, France, Holland and Ireland, home of many significant Carmelites.   There are all sorts of museums I should very much like to see.    I could walk in the footsteps of people ranging from Shakespeare and Milton, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, among others.    I realize that while I’m there I shall have to try to figure out how at least to understand a little of each of very many languages, and that the driving will get me quite frustrated.    The food, from what I’ve heard, isn’t necessarily anything to brag about either in certain places.   Those, however, will be only  slight problems compared to all the advantages I could be afforded by way of such easy and convenient access to such an interesting environment.


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