flower power

I got home yesterday only to find a huge bouquet of exceptionally lovely fragrant roses awaiting me.     Although there was no accompanying card or return address I know quite well that they were from my old Knights of Columbus council 794 in Lindenhurst.     I haven’t been a part of that world since April 2006, but they still remember me.   The bingo people sent me the flowers because of all the interesting times we’d always had together.   I spent a lot of times helping there on Wednesdays and Thursdays whenever I was available.    Everyone knows how difficult a bunch of characters can be found at bingo games so that’s most certainly quite a significant accomplishment.     Each week I could always be counted on to help, mostly in the lobby selling things, and sometimes in the kitchen with the food.    I eventually developed  quite a distinctive rapport with the other bingo helpers, and the people who came regularly to play.    Exactly because it was so long ago, and because eight years isn’t exactly a milestone, you might wonder exactly what could possibly have possessed them from out of nowhere to send me something so nice now.     Members of my Lindenhurst council, and the bingo players,  always were the absolute epitome of entirely atypical behavior.     Every week I was expected to put up with all their offbeat antics.    I don’t  think they ever gave anyone flowers throughout all the long time I was really active in the council.    It might be a really new practice they’ve only recently started.    One of these days very soon I shall have to make sure I drive over to Lindenhurst and thank them in person for the nice flowers.    










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