the adventures of nellie and bessie

Both unfortunately and surprisingly I’ve never once, to this very day, named an inanimate object of mine, although I’ve quite often considered it.   Several times I’ve considered having either a guitar named Nellie, or perhaps a car named Bessie.    It would be quite an interesting experience to tell people that either Nellie’s out of tune or Bessie has to be inspected.   That would most certainly raise quite a few eyebrows.    It all boils down to being able to keep a healthy sense of humor about things.   People, throughout the known course of mankind’s history, have always tended to personify things.    I’ve always enjoyed letting my imagination run entirely wild anyway so I might just as well give a thing both a personality identity and a life story to go with it.     My insatiably creative streak simply demands that I figure out a way to get around to something like that eventually.     Perhaps I can even take on more of a sense of responsibilty for all my most important things if I start calling each of them by its name.

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