what someone else say

My sense of direction is one of the things about which I can never really trust my own judgment.   It always helps if I can count on someone else who’s willing to give me his confirmation.   I tend to feel excessively uncomfortable in new situations in general.    When I’m forced to drive to an entirely new location, and have no experience whatsoever with going there,  I feel exceptionally uncomfortable.    It’s not that I expect to get hurt or to get into an accident.   I just get awfully seriously restless and uncomfortable with  those circumstances.   During those times I always ask repeatedly for help with directions.    That’s very much true with all new experiences.     I’ve also always taken the same approach toward my memory.    Because there’s inevitably a chance that I shall have forgotten something unavoidably necessary  I’ve developed quite the notoriously annoying habit of asking frequently if it’s been done already.    I know my memory is most certainly sufficiently trustworthy but I always feel a bit too doubtful about important things, or things I don’t want to miss out on.    It’s most certainly quite an exceptionally lucky thing for me that I’ve always count on many people who’ve been willing to humor me about these kinds of things.






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