finding the hidden good in lemons

Over the course of my lifetime I’ve managed to come up with several somewhat unorthodox means of solving problems.    Everyone knows by now of my absolutely bitter merciless insatiable hatred of cold weather and all the trouble it inevitably provokes.   I’ve gotten into the habit of putting a cover over my car windows to avoid excess ice on them and I make sure that when I get a lot of ice on the car, to the point that it freezes the doors shut, I put boiling water on them in order to open them.    That’s quite a really bad idea for the windows though because there’s entirely too much of a risk of their breaking.   When I have too many articles of clothing or other things to have to put away in a very small room I use portable suitcases as extra drawers.     It only requires a little bit of changing things around in order to make space that would otherwise be unavailable.  I have several suitcases in which there are compartments I can use for storing toiletries and all kinds of other things.     Life is filled with all sorts of surprisingly convenient hidden ways to beat its much nastier setbacks.     Those are only two examples of the ones I’ve used.

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