downloadI have absolutely no idea whatsoever of what might be the perfect example of a word that sounds like what it describes.    It’s occurred to me,though, that
“tangerine” might be quite a good example.   Somehow I get the distinct impression that if a visitor from some environment where people have never heard of tangerines were to come here and to be confronted with one of these citrus fruits, he may be quite pleased by the resemblance of the symbol to the thing itself.     The tangerine, quite similar to the orange and the clementine, seems, from the looks, feel and taste of it, to properties that could be very easily distilled into its name.     It’s orange in color.   The sound of the word has a somewhat similar feel to that of the word, “orange”.      It’s such a pleasing sound that matches up to such a nice object.    I have no idea of  what could possibly provoke this effect in a word, other than a lifelong association of the sound with the appearance.   All I know is that although a total newcomer to the concept of tangerine couldn’t possibly be expected to be capable of seeing it from that kind of point of view, its till makes sense to me that from my point of view it’s quite an inseparable connection.    





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