nothing happens

Unfortunately I’ve never been able to come up with any foolproof trick for overcoming writer’s block.   I just have to let it pass by until it’s over with.    It often happens.   As far as I know it’s just a very common part of the price that each of us has inevitably to pay when he tries to come up with many new ideas.   When it happens to me I just let it go and continue on with my normal regular routine.   Eventually I can always think of something anyway.    It’s quite an annoying experience if I bother to dwell on it so I usually just hang around and wait for inspiration.    Often though it lingers for quite a while.   That’s the only significant problem.   If I go on indefinitely without being able to think of anything the frustration can get me quite unsettled.   I don’t think anything brings it about.   It’s just a perfetctly normal problem that frequently affects us all.    Sometimes I just rest or find something to read for a while.   That can help somewhat. 

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