vacation time for gwendolyn and cecily

Gwendolyn and Cecily were old friends, having grown up together in Lindenhurst, New York.    Each year since their teens, according to their lifelong agreement, they were to take a week-long vacation.   Each one saved up quite scrupulously from her pittance of a paycheck.   Over the course of the past three decades, thanks to their arrangement, they got a chance to see both Las Vegas and Atlantic City, as well as all sorts of other places throughout the country.      Each year they both got all their available funds together, picked precisely the best available weeks, made hotel reservations and bent over backwards to make all sorts of other arrangements that left them quite overwhelmed and frustrated.    Going on vacation was usually so much work, but this year it was going to be different.    Cecily came up with quite the perfect brainstorm.    Just because it was vacation time, that didn’t necessarily mean, by definition, that they’d have to be bothered with traveling a significant distance.     She told Gwendolyn that she’d like to go on a fishing trip at Captree State Park and then hang around on Robert Moses Beach the rest of the time.     The only clothes they’d need were bathing suits and towels.    With all the money they’d inevitably end up saving they could go over to the Fifty Six Fighter Group, or some other local bar or restaurant, and have a really nice relaxing meal.      All worked out quite well.   By spending the same amount of money as any other year, they got a lot more enjoyment out of it to show for it.   Never again would they feel the need to be extravagant.

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