the rover

So far I’ve only been to eleven of the fifty states in this country.    I have seen New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Illinois and Michigan.    If I could have my way I should like to see the other thirty nine.     There are so many exceptionally interesting sights to see in this country.    Assuming that money and time are not obstacles I could put my G.P.S. into my car, set it for whatever destinations life may have in store for me, and keep right on traveling.    I could visit my cousin Vinnie  in North Carolina and my cousin the Ronald in the State of Washington.      Since I should have to get to everyplace by way of a car, I should have to miss out on only Hawaii.      Unfortunately I’ve always dreaded cold weather, so I’d better plan on spending as much time as possible in the warmer states, reserving all those cold climates for times of the year during which they can be the least damaging to my well being and sanity.    If it doesn’t have to be entirely land based-assuming I’d be allowed to fly a bit first in order to get started-then I should like to see Hawaii and Europe.    I’ve always wanted to see all the historical hot spots over in Europe.     The Carmelites have quite a history over there, especially in France, Italy, Spain and Ireland.     The United States’ history only goes back to the seventeenth century.    Europe’s history, though, goes way back to much earlier times.   I’ve always been quite smitten with the early days of western culture and civilization.    As everyone knows, western civilization is far superior to any other.   By finding out about all its roots, at their very source, I could have quite an exceptionally interesting time and satisfy my intellectual curiosity.    














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