my yardbirds summer

It’s always been quite so very easy for anyone, after he’s gotten to know me for only an extremely short time, to figure out that my taste in all things pop cultural are old.    My niece and nephews are quite young, though, so thanks to them, it is my lot in life to be constantly bombarded with all manner of references to current developments on the musical scene.    I don’t ever bother to pay enough attention to any of their songs, though, to be able to recognize any of them as the definitive song of the summer of 2014.    As everyone knows, the Beatles, and the  music of the 1960’s in general, have always been been my very favorites.    Having been born in 1959, I’m too young for that era, but living vicariously has always struck me as quite a really hep way to go.    This summer I have really going on quite a Yardbirds binge.    People my age usually think of Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck as soloists, and Jimmy Page as part of Led Zeppelin.     During the 1960’s, though, each of them got a turn as a member of this really important blues band.     Unfortunately I have no idea of how to narrow my choice down to any one and only specific song of theirs that embodies this summer for me.    I’ve been listening to so many real classics.     I’ve ended up picking on “Never Mind”.   It’s always been a favorite of mine.    Musically I’m spending this summer as I’ve spent all my lifetime, dwelling on the really hep stuff and keeping an irrevocably bygone era alive.   I should hope that two decades from now, I can still handle it all.

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