yakkety yak don’t talk back

I can most certainly understand that there have always been excessively talkative people.   Over the years I have been subjected to so many of them.    If I should ever happen to be required to sit right next to someone like that I should hope to keep it as brief as possible.    I have often been subjected to someone who starts talking and can’t be stopped.    Whenever that happens I make every legitimately possible effort to humor him and to get it over with, by way of as little trouble as possible.   Everyone who knows me even only somewhat knows about my notorious problems with impatience.     I’ve never been able to stand excessive volume or anyone who’s too talkative.    There are many people who get a kick out of having a chatterbox available, and who would even consider it an exceptional opportunity to cultivate a new friendship.    All I see, though, is yet another problem with my being unavoidably backed into an unwelcome corner.     Most talkative people, as far as I know, seem to mean quite well.    There are also the genuinely deliberately pushy, nasty, boorish clods.    The former are only annoying but it’s not unusually hard to figure something out about how to deal with that kind of trouble.   The latter, of course, are exceptionally difficult to handle.   My temper under those circumstances gets really nasty. Yet another major problem with someone who rambles on incessantly is that he often chooses a topic of conversation about which I know little or nothing.    I have been subjected to several exceptionally annoying soliloquies about subjects from sports to politics.    I don’t know the first thing about either of them, or any of several other things either, so it’s pointless even to try to get me actively engaged in a conversation of that nature.    I also don’t want to hear about some stranger’s family or friends, neighbors, connections at work, or his past.   It’s a truly uncomfortable experience.    Although I invariably desperately want to get away from someone like that, I’m virutally always forced to concede defeat, at least temporarily.         









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