revolting imagery

Each and every single day lately I have been forcibly confronted with all sorts of unbearably nauseating repugnant sights.   People on the internet are constantly showing pictures of people with all sorts of exceptionally bad physical deformities.    They show missing skin, limbs, breasts, and all sorts of other drastic handicaps.    It’s gotten to the point where by now is entirely out of control.      I happen to think it’s quite an exceptionally good idea, up to a certain point, to show bad things in all their deformity, if it forces people to think and to do the right thing.    I was around fifteen years old when the Viet Nam War ended.    No one ever hid the scary pictures, posters or newsreels from us kids because people wanted to win support for the claim that we should get out of the war.   I truly think we should do exactly the very same thing now to show people, whether they like it or not, the evils of things like homosexuality, abortion and euthanasia.    I don’t happen to think we should allow people to be even the least bit ignorant about anything of this nature.   Before anyone is so certain that he’s making the right decision about whether to condone things like that, he should know all the relevant facts first.    I can understand, up to a certain point,  why people who are trying legitimately  to collect  money in order to support research toward a cure for a disease or handicap would want to show everyone how bad it truly is.    What I object to, though, is the fact that these images seem to be absolutely everywhere lately.   It’s gotten to the point where it often appears to be more a case of voyeurism than of genuine concern for getting anything done. 

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