those weidermeyers

Reginald and Rachel  Weidermeyer were quite a most unusual couple.     Their best friends, Harvey and Shirley Garrity, were the only people who could even so much as presume to try to understand them.    The Weidermeyer’s were so  eccentric that over time, they managed to become the talk of all of Lindenhurst, New York, their hometown.     Their house on Lido Promenade East was quite a labyrinthine maze, with all sorts of  large spacious rooms, quaint old fashioned furniture and decorations that seemed to have been at least a hundred years old,  and an exceptionally high ceiling.  


Reginald and Rachel Weidermeyer were quite a most unusual couple.   Whenever anyone visited them he was invariably treated to the couple’s version of “Love’s Old Sweet Song(Just A Song At Twilight)”, with Rachel’s singing solo in her off-key soprano to Reginald’s accordion accompaniment.     The Weidermeyers’ clothes were always quite out of style and they spoke in some obscure anachronistic slang which no one else seemed to be quite able to figure out.    The Garrity’s were quite fond of them though.    Harvey and Shirley always got a kick out of all their peculiar antics and quirks, and never neglected to rush to their defense whenever confronted with any complaints about them.    Each Saturday the couples made quite a point of taking the two and a half mile walk to Fireman’s Park over on Wellwood Avenue where they sat around for a few hours at a time and enjoyed a nice relaxing morning and early afternoon.  


Reginald and Rachel Weidermeyer were quite a most unusual couple.    Even when they went out in public their clothes, speech and mannerisms were just as off kilter as when they were home.   Their problem most certainly wasn’t that they did anything that could possibly be construed as even the least bit mean or dangerous.     They were simply incapable of being inconspicuous.    All their antics were part of some other world, a world in which only they, and their two good friends, could be expected to get the point of things.      It was truly quite a happy, friendly and joyful relationship, all thought.   Why, then, should they mind especially if no one else could handle their silly world?     Reginald and Rachel Weidermeyer were quite a most unusual couple.   At least it worked out to everyone’s advantage.


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