ooh that smell. can’t you smell that smell?

It’s not something anybody necessarily bothers to think twice about but the world has always been overwhelmingly filled with exceptionally impressive fragrances.    Over my lifetime I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed the scents of all things relevant to a barbecue, from the food to the charcoal and even the lighter fluid.     The wafting aroma of the smoke is quite fine.    Of course we simply can’t possibly forget the smell of all different kinds of coffee and tea.    The smell of fresh flowers in the spring and summer is amazingly nice too.   It’s a perfect contrast to the bleakness and desolation of the cold months.       Many people find the smells of after shaves, perfumes and colognes very hard to handle but I also get quite an exceptionally fine impression of them .    Although I can understand that things like that can be unbearable for many people I’m so happy in that world.     I often hang around in the cologne and perfume departments of stores just to enjoy the fine aromas.    Over the years I’ve always kept quite a supply of cologne, after shave and toiletries.   If I ever had a significant amount of money, I’d be so seriously tempted to go entirely overboard and to purchase all kinds of things like that.     Because of my never having liked animals it might be quite difficult to believe but I find the smells of farms and zoos to be  terribly impressive.    Somehow quite a wide variety of olfactory stimuli can keep me intoxicated in in such an exceptionally nice way.    Like sounds, smells can be irresistible.     If one knows where to go he can find very easily that life is often a never ending festival of fragrances from incense in church to candles in places like Pier One Imports.    Unfortunately life most certainly has its share of quite seriously nasty smells too, as well as repugnant sounds.   It’s all a part of the price that simply must inevitably be paid for the really good ones.    






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