the haunted house


The house next door to my late grandparents’ old house on Exeter Avenue in West Pittston has always had quite a reputation for being haunted. Bob Weaver, the first owner, was supposed to have been possessed by Satan. Recently the house’s current owner was cleaning out his attic and found quite a scary artifact of Bob’s world. Rams and goats are traditionally associated with Satan worship. Last week I visited him for a few hours and was somehow inexplicably smitten with the sight of the stuffed creature. What should have been an enjoyable visit made me feel quite seriously uncomfortable.

Bob Weaver, my late grandparents’ next door neighbor, was real. I’ve been using him as a recurring character in stories of mine. This is my third story about him.

9 thoughts on “the haunted house

  1. rgayer55 says:

    Be careful using real people. One family jumped all over Rochelle for something she wrote in one of these FF stories.

    Now, to your story. I thought it was very good.


    1. larry trasciatti says:

      thanks for the comment. I was afraid to use real people who are still among the living . Good old Bob though, died around the time I was born. I said virtually nothing about the other guy I referred to by name & by now he must be already dead anyway It’s a real address, so maybe I should watch my step about that


  2. patriciaruthsusan says:

    Larry, Good story and well written as usual. Russell is right as Rochelle had problems at one time. She wrote about it some time back. I try to stay away from real names and addresses. Well done. 🙂 —Susan


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