make hay while the sun shines

I’ve always been quite notoriously prone toward procrastination.     Especially when I have a significant responsibility I’m required to deal with I tend to get really frustrated at the idea of having to face up to it.     Eventually I always get things done but there have been entirely too many times when I’ve pushed very important things away, especially when they can lead to big serious trouble.    That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever though  because avoiding something, rather than facing up to it and getting it over with only makes it very much worse than necessary anyway.    The part of me that wants to get things done the right way is always confronted with the side of me that dreads unfavorable results and that can’t stand having to face up to the risk of finding out finally and definitively that I’m in over my head.     I always seem to find some way of promising that I’ll face up to things but although I inevitably eventually get around to doing what’s required of me, I may do any of an infinite number of other things first.    I’ve been known to read, to play my guitar, to surf the internet, or anything else rather than merely to face up to all those important and scary things right away.     I always have to do something in order to fill up the time.   If I have nothing to do, the frustration and suspense will rankle incessantly upon my nerves.    That’s quite a major part of the price to be paid for postponing something.     An upcoming responsibility deferred, combined with too much free time and the ability to allow my mind to wander unoccupied, can be quite lethal.

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