scratch a total moron, find a reasonably decent character?

There’s a certain party, in my crowd, whom I’ve known for his entire lifetime.    He’s around fifteen or sixteen years younger than I.     When he was young he was absolutely rotten.     He was a party animal, couldn’t care less about school or work, and was terribly dishonest too.    Over the course of the past two decades, though, since he’s been married, and gotten a reputable job, he seems to have gotten quite a bit better.     He now has three kids, in grammar school, to have to raise too.    I haven’t ever gotten to know him all that well anyway so I can’t say what he does when I’m not around.   So far, though, to the very best of my knowledge, he appears to have quite a vastly improved sense of responsibility, and no longer gives the impression of his constantly wanting to play people for complete fools.     All I know is that these days the only horror stories I hear about him are history instead of current events.    We’re never in touch in any significant way,  anyway so I shall never have to be bothered with much of his rascally side even if it still exists to some degree.


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