no one i think is in my tree

If my current mood could be depicted in a painting, as a representation of something tangible, it would perhaps be a very old, worn-out tree on an exceptionally hot day.    Right now I’m in at least a reasonably decent mood.    I’m so calm and happy, enjoying the temporary peace and quiet.    My only problem is that  I’m entirely too hot and exhausted from my having recently taken too long of a walk from here to St. Mary of the Isle Church, and then the Coffee Nut Cafe, around a half mile away.    It’s a very annoying trip when the weather is either too hot or too cold.    Maybe I could be represented by the kind of a tree that’s seen a lot of changes in the weather and circumstances in general and although it’s still doing quite well, has been knocked around  a bit by its environment and other factors.     It’s a sunny day in the painting.    The surroundings are impressive.     There’s the slightest hint, though, of exhaustion.     The tree that is my life can take the occasional dose of sweltering heat.   It simply needs a bit of replenishing every once in a while.      There’s no trouble with the roots, leaves or fruit. 


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