harvey’s and shirley’s anniversary

Harvey and Shirley, from Lindenhurst, have always loved the movie, “It Happened One Night”. They call each other Clark and Claudette. On their fifth wedding anniversary they planned to watch it together. The big day arrived. There was a spring shower that morning that turned to an electrical storm, blackout and state of emergency. They were forced to visit her parents in Jackson Heights, an hour away. Harvey, always prone toward anxiety attacks, was beyond frustrated but all ultimately made the best of it. “Someday we’ll all be able to have a good laugh about this”, Shirley said, predictably.




  1. Larry, Let’s hope Shirley’s right. Poor couple. Visting her parents would have to be about as far from a romantic evening as possible. 😀 Good, well written, and humorous story. 🙂 —Susan


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