my idea of one hep house

Recently my Aunt Shirley and Uncle Harvey from northeastern Pennsylvania died.     Since I was always their very favorite nephew they left me their old grand mansion in the countryside.    It’s an absolute mess unfortunately but they also left me a significant amount of money with which to have it fixed.    After I take care of all the unavoidably necessary repairs-plumbing, painting and electricity among others-I intend to   hire a professional landscaper to fix up the grounds.    What I shall really need on all these acres of land are quite a wide variety of flowers.   spainSince, unfortunateIy, I have never had a lot of physical strength, I shall also have to get someone to work on the land on a regular basis.     I should also like a very large built-in swimming pool to keep things interesting during the summer when it’s entirely too hot.    Taking into account the unfortunate fact that northeastern Pennsylvania has always been quite notorious for bitter cold treacherous winters, I really want quite an absolutely perfect heating system.    Knowing me I shall simply have to have a nice stereo and television for all my CD’s and DVD’s.    Because I’ve never been able to stand any unwelcome noise I shall have to have the house soundproofed so all the noise that happens wherever the television and stereo are, can inevitably be counted on to stay there.     Although I’ve never been able to drink much I should really like a very well-stocked bar.   I’ve always quite enjoyed alcohol in moderate doses.   Not ever having been known to have many parties I shall be able to take my time with it.     No house of mine could possibly be complete without a seriously large, well-stocked library.      I have such a plethora of books, and reading material in general.    

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