still my guitar gently weeps

As everyone knows by now I’ve always been quite irremediably smitten by music in general.     When I was little the Beatles made it unavoidably necessary for everyone who fell under their influence to want to play an instrument.     I have no idea which instrument is my favorite but when I was a kid in Queens,  my friends and I took guitar lessons at one of the local public schools, either P.S. 148 or P.S. 127.    Unfortunately that only lasted for a fairly short time.    In 1980 I finally decided to get a guitar and to learn to play again.    To my chagrin I’ve always had only acoustic guitars.   Although I’ve never learned to play any other instrument, I’ve always been quite smitten with all different kinds of instruments.      One day at O. L. P. H., about ten years ago,  one of the church’s bands was practicing for a while in the sacristy.    A parishioner  named Lou was playing his French horn.   To this very day I can still remember how perfect it sounded.    I’ve also always been quite awe-smitten with the sound of slide guitar on Beatle George Harrison’s “Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) and fuzz bass on his “What Is Life”.      When I used to visit relatives in Buffalo and North Tonawanda, in western New York, during the 1980’s my cousin Vinnie and I used always to play his guitar.    We played quite a rousing version of J. J. Cale’s “Cocaine”, popularized by Eric Clapton, and we played an overwhelmingly memorable version of the Allman Brothers’ “Ramblin’ Man” with a band Vinnie was in for a while.      Then there are all the annual Fourth of July jam sessions.     Steve’s a music teacher and the kids all play instruments too.    Besides that quite a few of my cousins also play instruments.    Cousins Gary and Lanfranco even play the accordion, and the Ronald, when he was young, played the trumpet.    In my world there’s most certainly never been any shortage of exposure to different varieties  of instruments.

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