an invasion of sheep

It was expected to be one of the biggest showdowns of the year for little league fans, the annual game between Jackson Heights and Lindenhurst.    The weather that day was perfect and all else went well too.    Somewhere around the beginning of the third inning, though, the people in the bleachers got quite a surprise.    Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a bunch of sheep started showing up.   It was the oddest sight anyone could remember ever having seen in his lifetime.   After only the next half hour the entire stadium was filled with all those ovine nuisances.     Of course no one in his right mind could possibly have even tried to explain where they could have come from.     It wasn’t a typical scene at a little league game.    The youngsters, of course, being kids, all got quite a kick out of it.    Their parents and other adults, though, spent all that day running around trying to notify the local policemen and other relevant authorities of the bizarre occurrence.     Of course the sheep weren’t deliberately making any trouble.    Everyone knows how polite and friendly sheep always are.     It was just that the whole thing was as much of an inconvenience as it was a surprise.    The more curious folks took advantage of the occasion to take youtube videos of it all.    Inevitably the local news media were all called in to check it out.     Exactly because it wasn’t even the least bit of a dangerous or scary thing people started, after a while, to take advantage of the offbeat nature of the occasion to turn it into one big party.     Unfortunately, because of no one’s ever having previously heard of a sheep party in a little league stadium, people were a little confused about the necessary protocol for such a thing.     Ultimately it turned out to be the most enjoyable experience anyone could remember having been through.     Other than the frightfully messy aftermath-it took the cleaning crew months to get it all fixed up-everyone still members it all so very fondly.



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