about punctuation

I happen to think I have quite a sufficient mastery of punctuation without significantly over-or underdoing anything.    Never having felt terribly comfortable with semicolons , I virtually never get any siginficant mileage out of them.   I just looked up the definition of semicolon and it’s virtually the same as a period anyway so what’s the point of bothering.     It connects two independent clauses.    One form of punctuation I flatly refuse to get suckered into is quotation marks.   Of course, they’re legitimately mandatory under certain circumstances.    My complaint is the stupid “quote/unquote” craze that has so captivated people for the past very many years, even decades, by now.    Occasionally while proofreading something I’ve written, I catch a major mistake with commas.    That can be very easily remedied.   Hyphens can come in quite handy every once in a while but I can’t say I’ve ever gone overboard with them.    Since I’m quite happy with simple declarative sentences, and see no need to bother with the superlative case very frequently,  exclamation points have never held any especial charm for me.     If I have something to say that strikes me as significant enough to emphasizePunctuation Pyramid it, I can always resort to either italic or bold faced font.     Grammar can be quite a mercilessly nasty taskmaster.     Punctuation problems are enough to drive anyone crazy.   I take my time and bluff my way through it as well as possible.




Grunt Work


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