the sounds of silence

With writing, as with anything else I try to do, I should always very much like to be able to count on as much peace and quiet as possible.   The less noise, and fewer distractions in general, I have, the happier I am.   When Sam and Bridget are around, since they’re so young, life is all hectic and loud.    Michael occasionally shows up too, and he’s not much older, so there’s a lot of noise with him.    My absolute ideal is to be left entirely alone for a long period of time as frequently as possible.    In the era of the cell phone, unfortunately, that’s just a fantasy.     Maybe there’s a kind of character who’s quite capable somehow of doing his best in a noisy obnoxious environment but I’m most certainly not he.     I’ve never been a fan of distraction of any kind.    My creativity, as everything else about me, is quite dependent upon a nice tranquil setting for the best results.    Of course anytime I can have sound that’s under my control, which I can eliminate after it’s served its purpose, that’s quite nice too.   I really enjoy many different kinds of music so listening to something interesting can be quite helpful.    What gets me crazy is all the random unpredictable stupidity life has in store for each of us.   I really need an entirely clear head and an entirely sedate environment in order to function.    The specific environment, whether couch, bed, table or elsewhere, doesn’t make any kind of a difference.

Writing Space


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