i scream about my new flavor

I recently got a call from someone in upper management at Marvel, the local ice cream parlor.    He asked me to create a distinctive new ice cream flavor that epitomizes perfectly my personality and all that I stand for.   I’ve come up with a recipe that includes equal parts of chocolate, peanut butter, caramel  and marshmallows.   As much as I’ve always enjoyed even the plainest flavors of ice cream, these are top contenders for my very favorites.     This new concoction would be a perfect symbol of me because it represents me at my very best.   It makes an impressive appearance.   Although it’s ridiculously sloppy and hard to control, it’s also quite sweet.   Each of these flavors packs quite a kick even alone.   Together they have such an exceptionally intense cumulative effect.    My sense of humor and all my most interesting enjoyable qualities could be perfectly represented with this new recipe.    Hey let’s face it-it’s hard to take ice cream the least bit seriously so there are a lot of things about me that simply can’t possibly be accounted for on a dessert menu.    Of course we could explain my dark side by pointing out that chocolate, caramel and peanut butter are  all dark in color anyway.    icec  Once my new recipe catches on everyone will be forced always to think of me whenever he contends with all that sweet, sticky, sloppy ice cream melting all over.








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